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The Most Inexpensive Surveillance Systems In 2022

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Surveillance systems are usually expensive, and security cameras are no exception. Several factors have led to these price increases. These are high-tech systems with sophisticated capabilities and features. Since few other companies provide cloud recording, most security services charge a premium. The cloud recording feature also takes a lot of effort and expense. All the data recorded is saved for future use. For this reason, the prices of cameras are more significant since they are little web servers in and of themselves.

When a video stream is sent to an analog camera, it does not need to be processed or compressed before sending it to a digital video recorder (DVR). On its own, this technology is relatively affordable. Following are the most inexpensive home security systems that everyone can afford. 

1- Ring Alarm

Ring Alarm is the best. Cheap security systems can’t compete with Ring Alarm’s most acceptable monitoring package. The Ring 60-day video content storage and lifetime guarantee are included in the $20 monthly fee, making it an excellent value. It is an eight-piece ring alarm system protecting your home for just $249.99.

In terms of equipment, Ring Alarm isn’t as inexpensive as Wyze or Kangaroo, but you’re sure to save high-security firms like ADT and Vivint. Ring Alarm’s integration with Amazon Alexa and Z-Wave is also a plus in our book.

Starting at only $100, you can add Ring doorbell and exterior surveillance cameras to your system. You won’t have to pay additional for data storage on cameras since it’s included in the monitoring package, which is fantastic.

Since we are acquainted with the eight-piece surveillance kit is the ideal method to get the most out of Ring Alarm’s inexpensive home security choices. Only one sensor is included in Ring’s five-piece package if you only have a single entrance and window (a studio apartment).

2- Wyze Home Monitoring 

Those looking for inexpensive security systems can have professional 24/7 monitoring for $10 a month with Wyze Home Monitoring, less than the cost of your weekly cup of coffee. It’s also the most affordable option to equip your house with entrance detectors, a motion sensor, and a keypad.

As a result, just about everyone can increase their home’s security. Wyze also offers some of the most cost-effective security cameras available. Currently, the Camera Module version remains our go-to camera for anyone searching for a low-cost camera that can operate outside.

In contrast to Abode, Wyze does not support Z-Wave or Zigbee, but it does work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Ring, which provides cellular backup. This implies that the system cannot reach the monitoring center if your home internet goes down. Ring’s monitoring subscription offers lifelong coverage, but the warranty only lasts a year.

If you’re looking for low-cost cameras and monitoring, we recommend Wyze Home Monitoring as a good choice for your home security. Our comprehensive Wyze Home Monitoring review has everything you need to know.

3- A hub-free choice, Kangaroo

Kangaroo offers some of the most affordable technology on our list, with virtually all of its gadgets costing less than $30. This isn’t a place where low prices equal inferior quality. Innovative and fresh-feeling, Kangaroo’s equipment is. You must take a considerable leap to advance with these gadgets since they all utilize Wi-Fi to connect. No control panel or hub is required, and You may build a system without initially purchasing a beginning kit, though Kangaroo does sell such as well.


This system contains just seven devices, so don’t expect Kangaroo to blow you away with its equipment choices.


  • Motion Detection Sensor
  • Motion and Entrance Sensor (around $30)
  • Water and a climate sensor


  • Doorbell camera with a chime (about $40).
  • For just $60, you can have an inside and outdoor camera.


  • key rings with Roo Tags (included in the kit)
  • Keypad and siren (included in the kit)

If you don’t want to pay for monitoring, you won’t be able to use many of the innovative home features offered by this device.

Compared to Ring Alarm, its monitoring package is $8.25 monthly (paid yearly), which is less than half the price. Even though its doorbell camera footage is animated GIFs, Kangaroo’s most amazing monitoring feature is a year of data storage for its doorbell camera. Included package theft protection up to $1,000 is another perk we like.

Abode: Smart home selection

Because it is constantly refining its innovative home services, Abode managed to sneak up on us and steal our hearts. Most low-cost security firms are content with focusing on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, two of the most popular innovative home platforms.

However, Abode also supports Z-Wave, Apple HomeKit, and Zigbee devices. An intelligent security system of this kind is unmatched by any other, regardless of price point.

In addition to Abode’s Smart Security Kit, you may choose the Abode Iota camera system, which includes a hub, motion sensors, and window detectors. Iota’s designed surveillance camera makes up for the extra cost by providing simple and economical video monitoring, even if it costs around $80 more than a standard system.

Professional monitoring is available for an additional $22 per month when using all of Abode’s security devices.

However, if you want to keep an eye on things, Abode is among the most cost-effective options. To maximize the potential of your smart home devices, we suggest Abode’s $6 plan, which doesn’t enable customers to build custom automation on the free plan. To that end, we’re happy to report that Abode’s mobile app is much simpler to use than earlier this year, making it even easier to recommend.

SimpliSafe: Best Spy Camera System

Even though SimpliSafe is our most costly low-cost security system, it’s still a great price. If you’re looking for a simple monitoring system that doesn’t get in the way of your main goal of protecting your property, this is the option for you.

There are no commitments and a 60-day cash-back assurance with this security firm, so you may try it risk-free.

When it first came out, SimpliSafe’s app controls were confined to its $18 monthly surveillance package and non-subscribers; now, they’ve been made available to all customers. Only clients who pay $28 per month may use the innovative home interface, camera footage, audiovisual validation, and enhanced alarms.

It’s possible to customize your SimpliSafe beginning package to meet your unique requirements by choosing from five additional levels of security (all priced around $500). It comes with three door cameras, a movement sensor, a smoke detector, and a siren (approximately $389), so we propose the Hearth equipment bundle. Affirm is where you can get financing for your SimpliSafe devices.

With no obligations, you may add or remove expert monitoring at any time to save expense when necessary

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