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How Our Smart Home Technology Is Changing Your Homes

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Smart homes in the 21st century often have a bevy of gadgets and equipment. It is ranging from smart TVs to tablets and laptops. Innovative home technology is transforming the globe.

As a result of modern technology, multi-functional devices such as wristwatches and smartphones have become more commonplace. Computers are getting quicker, more mobile, and higher-powered than before. With all these breakthroughs, technology has also made our life simpler, faster, better, and more entertaining.

That, and much more, is something that Smart Homes Innovations can provide. We can improve the quality of your living environment by installing the most cutting-edge home theatre, home automation, audio video, security, and networking systems that money can buy.

The future of energy-efficient, long-range, and cost-effective intelligent homes is promising. Devices that are driven by the Internet of Things are getting us closer and closer to this reality. Interoperability will not only be a priority for successful innovators when it comes to gadgets but also when it comes to other platforms. This article on Hexa Control looks at ten technology advancements already commonplace in many people’s homes.

Broadband Systems

Because most individuals now have access to broadband internet in their homes at high speeds, dial-up connections are becoming a thing for most people.

People with broadband internet access in their homes may use modern conveniences like streaming movies and music, surfing the internet, making video calls, and downloading enormous files in a hurry.

Access to a dependable and speedy internet connection also serves as a doorway to various contemporary products that, in principle, are intended to make our lives simpler or more fun.

TVs with Internet connectivity

Disc and movie players have mostly been rendered obsolete by the proliferation of smart TVs in many homes.

Movies, television shows, and music may all be streamed via televisions connected to a high-speed internet connection, allowing users to surf the internet.

According to the watchdog organization Ofcom, intelligent TVs were present in 42 percent of homes in the United Kingdom in 2017, up from only 5 percent in 2012.

Gaming Studios and Play Stations

Regarding playing games online, gamers who used consoles and personal computers in the 1990s and early 2000s had a more limited selection of options than now.

As a result of the proliferation of high-speed internet connections and the creation of gaming consoles such as Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation, gamers can now compete against opponents from all over the world with relative ease.

This technology has created a growth in e-sports, with the finest players in the world receiving enormous cash prizes for their exploits in games like Street Fighter and Fortnite. A 16-year-old boy named Kyle Giersdorf from Pennsylvania just won $3 million while playing the video game Fortnite.

Smart Meter

Smart meters are devices that may “provide customers near genuine live statistics on energy consumption,” according to Ofgem, the energy regulator in the United Kingdom.

According to the theory behind this concept, consumers can “better control their energy consumption, save money, and cut emissions” if they can monitor how much power they are consuming.


Streaming has fundamentally altered how we consume media on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or intelligent TVs.

Using cutting-edge home automation systems, you may immediately access movies and television shows via subscription platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, all of which charge a monthly cost. The same may be said for musical content on sites such as Spotify and Tidal.

Virtual assistants

Virtual assistants are quickly becoming a familiar fixture in many households, whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Google’s Home. These pieces of hardware respond to voice instructions to perform various functions, including playing music, delivering weather predictions, and offering advice on how to cook certain dishes.

To put things into perspective, customers have control over more than 80,000 different devices connected with Google Home, including TVs, lights, and thermostats.

Smart Ovens

Although the exteriors of the ovens used to prepare our meals may resemble those many common decades ago, the components housed inside these ovens are evolving.

Smart ovens of today can be managed verbally, switched on and off remotely, and users may get reminders when their meal is done cooking.

Robotic vacuums

Several well-known brands, such as Dyson, Hoover, and Miele, offer Robot vacuums. These machines move autonomously across houses while simultaneously hoovering up dirt and dust, eliminating the need for strenuous cleaning efforts.

Even though a robot vacuum cleaner could make your life easier, some people are wary of them.

After receiving reports of an intruder, Oregon sheriff’s officers were sent to a home, where they found their suspect to be a vacuum cleaner going about its business.

Smart locks

Hexa Control’s smart locks that You can open without the need for keys are becoming an increasingly popular option for certain people as a handy method to secure their belongings. With the help of our intelligent security systems, you may manage these locks by inputting a password or via an app, and they are starting to open the door to various secondary uses.

The “While You’re Away” delivery service being tested by Waitrose, a grocery chain in the United Kingdom, will be expanded, as the firm announced in July.

Waitrose delivery drivers can enter customers’ homes thanks to technology developed by Yale called intelligent locks. The consumer generates a short unlock code for their door, which is then delivered to Waitrose through an encrypted mobile application.

Smart doorbells

When keeping one’s house secure, installing an intelligent doorbell may provide additional protection to a residence.

A diverse selection of items are available for purchase, but most function similarly. When someone tries to enter the homeowner’s property, the homeowner is alerted, often on their mobile phone, via a notification sent when the doorbell rings or when one of the motion sensors is triggered. They can identify the individual using their mobile phone and, if required, communicate with that individual.

Smart Security Cameras

Smart security cameras have replaced security guards. You cannot imagine the world is adopting technology. In connection with outside surveillance cameras, our home security camera is the product that we recommend most highly for monitoring your house remotely from your smartphone. This security camera has a high resolution and is resistant to the elements. In addition to recording video when motion is detected, it shines a bright light on whatever is

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